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Baby Jacket

It is quite some time ago that I knitted something. Since I wanted to start again and we could use a baby jacket, I took some wool scrap and looked for a very easy pattern. I found it (in German) at wolldiskont.

The pattern calls for Schachenmayr SMC Baby Super Soft, which has 163 meters on 50 grams and recommends a 3-4 mm needle. However, I wanted to use a thicker yarn, since I do not have as much time for knitting and the baby grows so fast. Also, I still had bulky yarn – admittedly in black and white, which is not so appropriate for baby clothing. Still I started to knit.My daughter wears size 80 and is growing rapidly, so I used the maximum size of the pattern, which is 92/98. I started with Wolle Rödel Multi on an 8 mm needle. According to the gauge, I had to use about half of the stitches in the pattern. But the yarn was only enough for the jacket’s back and a part of the left front. I had another skein of wild wild wool, which required another gauge and was enough for both sleeves on a 7 mm needle. When I tried to get new black yarn for the remaining front parts, I had to learn that Multi is not sold any more. So I bought Wolle Rödel’s Big as the shop assistant told me. To sum up, my very first knitted piece after a long time included three different yarns with different gauges and a lot of roughly estimated stitch and row numbers.


According to the pattern, the jacket in size 92/98 should be about 32 cm in the back at a length of 30 cm, and the sleeves should be about 28 cm long. My jacket is 30 cm in both width and height, and the sleeves are 25 cm long (22 cm if rolled up). Fair enough. I made a simple blue border instead of the one the pattern called for. To make the black and white jacket a little more suitable for children, I found owl buttons.

In the end, the jacket is way too big for my daughter – I pretty much overestimated her size. Still it was a good project to get back in the knitting business. And maybe I find someone who needs the jacket…