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Farm Yard Friends Blanket

Remember the pastel pink cake I made for a baby shower? Guess what – the child is born, and she is the sweetest little thing. I visited this brand new person yesterday, and of course I brought a gift.

Since the proud mother is one of my best friends, I knew quite early she was pregnant and had a lot of time to think about and prepare my birth gift. So I decided to crochet a baby blanket and bought the farmyard friends pattern from Mary Maxim.


The pattern calls for Mary Maxim Worsted Weight yarn, but I did not know where to buy this yarn in Germany and did not want to order from overseas. So I decided to use Myboshi No. 5. The next problem was to find out how much yarn I would need. This was particularly challenging because the Mary Maxim Starlette yarn comes in balls of 180 yards on 3.5 oz and is crocheted with a 5 mm needle. Myboshi No. 5 calls for a 6 mm needle, and has 50 yards on 0.88 oz. So even with the knowledge that I would need one ball of yellow Mary Maxim yarn for the sun, I did not know whether the full ball or only part of it was needed, which made a difference in the number of Myboshi yarn balls to order.

So I tried to make an educated guess and ordered the following colors (where I replaced the original color of the sky with a nice blue):

  • 2 x cocoa brown
  • 6 x white
  • 6 x cloud blue
  • 1 x beige
  • 4 x black
  • 4 x grass green
  • 4 x emerald green
  • 1 x signal red
  • 2 x dandelion yellow
  • 3 x curry
  • 3 x raspberry
  • 2 x ocher
  • 2 x silver
  • 1 x magenta

I turned out, I overestimated my yarn needs a little. I bought one ball too much of curry, grass green, raspberry, ocher, black, and silver, and I had two full balls of white left in the end (which I later used for the unicorn hat). Because I decided to use different colors for the border as well, I needed to buy one more ball of cloud blue in the end.


Apart from guessing yarn quantities, the pattern was easy to follow and I really like the result. It was a long-term project though – I started in August and finished not until January! Still I was on time before my friend gave birth, so everything went well. Actually, the hardest work was to weave in all the ends.

IMG_2122 IMG_2187

After I had finished the blanket, I went to a local store and bought some fleece, which I sewed as an extra layer to the bottom of the blanket. Sewing by hand is not my strongest ability, but I am still happy with the result! Now I hope my new baby friend likes her blanket as well.


Welcome to the world, L.M.!

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