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Short Notice Baby Jackets

After I had knitted my first baby jacket from leftover yarn, I wanted to make something that actually fits my child. A little research on Ravelry patterns led me to the Short Notice jacket – a seamless and easy to knit pattern.

In my local yarn store, I bought Forte from Lang Yarns because I really liked the look of it. Instead of using the recommended 8-9 mm needle, I used a rather small one of 5.5 mm. This resulted in a very compact jacket, which I like to use on cold days in the stroller. Instead of making a buttonhole every 8 rows, I only made one in 12 rows, which is still enough (try to close seven buttons on a moving baby!).

I am not a fast knitter and I have only little time to knit (the short hours after the baby went to sleep and before I am all too tired myself), but still it took me only one week to make the jacket. I love these things that are finished before I lose motivation! Actually, I was so thrilled that I made another one in a smaller size for a friends‘ child. This time, I used the Forte yarn only for the border and made the rest in Lana Grossa Superbingo, and I used a 6 mm needle. Both yarns are 100 % virgin wool, so they are warm and cosy for the babies. In the second jacket, I made one buttonhole every 16 rows and crocheted the buttons. Admittedly, I like the look of the second one more, because the Forte yarn changes color too fast for the seamless pattern.

So, two jackets in three weeks! If only all my projects went that fast… At the current temperature, my daughter really wears the jacket quite often, so it was worth the work. Except financially, because the jackets‘ materials were about 30 and 20 Euros, respectively. You could buy at least one jacket for the same price, even all virgin wool. Still, it is a nice gift for children at the current time of the year.

We have some issues with the web hosting, so I can only show one picture right now. I will update once we have everything figured out! In the meantime, you might want to check out the respective projects on Ravelry here and here.