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Here I am back again, after a long break in the flu season. And today I will even write a post in the long neglected category code!

During my maternity leave, I am not coding a lot. There is a lack of time, of concentration, and also of meaningful projects. Okay, I have a few ideas, but I cannot sit down and think about a problem whilst the baby cheerfully seeks for the next plug. Or eats lint she found in the carpet. Or cries out because she cannot crawl with her head into the next wall – literally.

Nevertheless, programming is not only part of my profession, but also kind of a hobby. And if I want to find a new job in summer, it cannot hurt to be a little bit in shape code-wise. So here comes Codewars: a platform that gives you tasks you have to solve by writing code snippets in a language of your choice. Currently, supported languages are Clojure, CoffeeScript, C#, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.

Every task (also called kata) has a certain difficulty level expressed in kyu and dan levels, borrowed from Japanese martial arts. By solving katas, you can earn experience and in turn progress in your personal kyu or dan level. Gamification for the win! There is also a social component: you can comment on the solutions of others, grade them, create your own katas, and so on.

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