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Christmas time is cookie time

1 kg butter, 18 eggs, 2 kg flour, 600 g nuts… No, this is not our monthly shopping list, but simply the ingredients for one round of Christmas cookie baking. Last year, I discovered black and white cookies, and besides them, I also baked chocolate butter cookies and bear claws. On another day, a friend helped to make also almond biscuits and nut comfit.

Of course, we do not eat all of this in our little household (even though we tried). There are enough occasions in December, for instance Christmas parties, where self-made cookies are welcome. Also, I like to give away cookie bags for Christmas – especially this year, where I have no fixed income.

So, happy St. Nicholas‘ day!

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Desperate Housewife

Sometimes I can be a real great housewife. For example when I go to work in the morning, come home and feed my three month old while my boyfriend goes grocery shopping for me, I then bake three types of muffins, in the meantime go shopping again because something is missing, I then go to the gym, and afterwards make another tarte.

Yes, it was my birthday. 🙂

In the end, we had vegan chocolate cherry muffins, not-so-vegan berry crumble muffins, sugar and salt free apple banana oat muffins for my nine month old guest of honor, and a lemon tarte. And I fell into my bed like I was half dead. But then I could celebrate the next day with my guests and a lot of cake.

Happy birthday to me!

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Flux Capacitor Brownies

We are heading towards 2015, a year full of hover boards and flying cars. For this occasion, we absolutely needed to make a party, and there had to be flux capacitor brownies. Except for the decorations, which contained bees wax, they were also vegan.

For those who don’t know the flux capacitor, you can get an impression here:

And here are the brownies:

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Candy Mountain Candy Cake

Teaser: If you don’t know Charlie the unicorn, you should watch it now:

(I can generally advise everyone to have a look at Jason Steele’s videos.)

Anyways, I promised that I would make a candy mountain cake for a friend’s birthday. Since we were both on vacation on the day itself, I made the cake for my own birthday and we shared. So here it is, the candy mountain candy cake:

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For this cake, I used the „wonder recipe“ (in German). I prepared something in between 1.5 and 2 times the amount and baked one 26 cm cake and two smaller ones. The large one was cut in three layers and filled with lemon curd (I used this recipe, also in German, double amount), and I also used lemon curd between the smaller ones. Then I carved the candy mountain shape from the two small cakes. In the end, I used white ganache to cover the cake, and colored it pink for the candy mountain. With all the cooling times in between, it took three days of work, but it was worth it.

Belated happy birthday to A. and me 🙂

Vegan Wedding Cake

This weekend, two friends of mine celebrated their wedding. This was the reason, why I made a test cake last week – I wanted to test the texture of the vegan „butter“ cream (it is suitable for multi-layered cakes).

Here the result: a three layer chocolate lemon cream cake. Overall, I am happy with it, and I think the guests liked it as well. But next time, I would use marzipan or fudge as a topping, because the raw cream just does not look very nice.

For the buffet, I also made a poppy seed cake and a vegan cheese cake with plums. As always, there are pictures below.

Congratulations, C. & D.!

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Test Cake

Special occasions require special cakes – so I probably should have made a black-red-golden Germany cake for the world championship. But I am not the patriotic flag person, and I was rather preparing for a special celebration in the next weeks.

To test the cake I want to make for that occasion (details will follow), I made this vegan chocolate lemon cake. The recipe again comes from my vegan baking book. I took it to work and had my colleagues try it. And here are some pictures:

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Easter Chocolates

In time with the end of the fasting period, I made some totally non-vegan chocolates together with a friend. Although I can say that eating vegan was way easier for me than I thought, I really missed cheese and milk chocolate. With the chocolates we made, I made up for all the missing chocolate of the last weeks.

We made raspberry chocolates, cinnamon truffles, cappuccino chocolates, and pistachio nougat from the German book „Pralinen und Konfekt“. Since we did not get good raspberries (which is not too surprising, given the time of the year), we replaced the raspberry mash with strawberry jam. We also interpreted most of the instructions in the recipes rather freely.. but still, the chocolates turned out very delicious!

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PhD Cake #3

Last week, another friend of mine finished her PhD. This time, I made a Baumkuchen covered with chocolate as a basis, and again used gingerbread on top. The chocolate topping worked out very well I think. The layers of the cake however did not separate too well – I think the oven was not hot enough.

Unfortunately, I could not try the cake myself because it is not vegan. But I think the people who tried it liked it. Congratulations again, Dr. K.!

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Vegan Chocolate Cake

This year I decided to eat vegan in the fasting period.

After eating a lot of soy products in the first days (mostly yogurt and tofu), I was fed up with that. I don’t think it is healthy to eat the same thing every day. So this weekend, I cooked and baked both vegan and soy-free.

I made a chocolate cherry cake on zucchini basis (German recipe here). I have eaten zucchini cake before and liked it. This time it also turned out quite well – maybe a little wet, so next time I would bake it a little longer. But I think it is also tasty for non-vegans!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the whole cake. So here’s only one of a single piece.

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