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Nutella Cheesecake

A few weeks ago, I got a message with a link to this video:

Well, today was the birthday of this message’s sender. So guess what I made for her.

The recipe uses cups, and so I could finally use my American measuring spoons for the first time. Though the recipe has also measurements in grams, I noticed that they sometimes differed notably from what I weighed. While the amount of cream was exactly what I measured, 2/3 cups of Nutella were 200 g for me, which is double the amount of the recipe!


I was surprised how easily the oreo cream could be removed. It even stayed completely in shape.

Since you cannot really buy heavy cream or vanilla extract in Germany, I used whipping crea and vanilla sugar. It seems to be a common problem with this recipe that the cream gets too liquid, so that the layers mix. According to the recipe, whipping cream should work as long as you whip it until it is creamy. However, for me this did not work out at all. In the beginning, the cream was nice and fluffy, but after adding sugar it got totally liquid.


So I tried two sachets of Sahnesteif, but unfortunately that did not help. In the end I decided to switch the brown and white layer, because the dark one is less liquid. This rescued the layer effect a little. The cake turned out to be a little too liquid in the middle, I should have baked it for a little longer. But it was delicious!

Happy birthday, N.!

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Vegan Wedding Cake

This weekend, two friends of mine celebrated their wedding. This was the reason, why I made a test cake last week – I wanted to test the texture of the vegan „butter“ cream (it is suitable for multi-layered cakes).

Here the result: a three layer chocolate lemon cream cake. Overall, I am happy with it, and I think the guests liked it as well. But next time, I would use marzipan or fudge as a topping, because the raw cream just does not look very nice.

For the buffet, I also made a poppy seed cake and a vegan cheese cake with plums. As always, there are pictures below.

Congratulations, C. & D.!

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Vegan Cheesecake & Breakfast Bagels

Long time, no post – but I have not been idle.

Two weeks ago I baked the vegan cheesecake from the book by Dunja Gulin. I wanted to try tofu cheese cake for some time, and the friend I made this one for is lactose intolerant. Since vegan recipes are inherently lactose free, this was the perfect opportunity. Normally, I am not a big fan of tofu – I like it in warm dishes, but the smell and consistency of raw tofu are not very appealing to me. Hence I was quite skeptical whether it is really possible to make cake out of it. The result however was surprisingly good, and several people told me that they did not taste the tofu. Only the consistency was a little more dry than the one of normal cheesecake.

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture – but I will for sure bake the tofu cheesecake another time! To compensate, here are pictures of today’s breakfast, where I tried to make some bagels. Too late I realized I did not have any yeast at home. So I did a little bit of research and tried natron. What I found: while yeast works on sugar, natron needs acid. So I mixed a spoonful of vinegar in the dough and started. If I used yeast, the dough would have swelled before baking, and I could have made the bagels bigger. Like this they turned out a little small and compact, probably also due to the fact that I used a part whole-grain flour. Nevertheless, I liked their taste.

The original recipe (using yeast, no whole-grain, in German) is from Shehadistan.

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