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Number Cake

Of course I had to bake for the first children’s birthday of 2016. And what would be better for this occasion than a simple rectangular cake with a colorful number surprise? The recipe is all over the internet, for example here or here, and the idea is easy: you bake a colorful cake, cut out the desired number or any other shape, and again bake it into an uncolored cake. Voilà – you got a surprise cake!

I still have Wilton food colors from my rainbow cake, so I only needed to get a cookie cutter with a number shape. I used the number one, so I could cut out several numbers from each slice of cake. Still, there is a lot of leftover cake.

IMG_2639 IMG_2632 IMG_2637

Of course you can use the remaining cake to make cake pops. But after a few failures, I have to say that I hate cake pops! So I made muffins from the colorful rest and decorated them with some leftover numbers.

IMG_2638 IMG_2643 

Since this cake not only has to bake two times, but also needs to cool completely in between, I had some time left. Furthermore, I also had leftover frosting from my baby cake. So I also made some confettilicious cupcakes. Maybe they are a little less suited for small children, but delicious for grownups.

Happy first birthday, J.!

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Pear Poppy Seed Cake

Once again, I made a cake for a birthday. This time, it should be something without whipped cream, but rather with fruit and a little lighter. At the current temperatures here in Germany, you might not know it, but it is actually winter. So I decided for a cake with pears. I did not want to exchange the whipped cream with butter cream or something similarly fat, so I made a pear poppy seed cake. The recipe (in German) is once again from Dr. Oetker.

The recipe asks for a ring cake, and many times, my attempts to get the cake out of the baking pan destroyed it completely. Hence, I used my silicone baking pan this time. If you let the cake cool completely before turning it out, you get a beautiful ring cake, even without greasing the form. At the time being, I am a huge fan of silicone baking pans.

The cake is decorated with white chocolate and more poppy seeds, creating a nice effect. I hope it was tasty!

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Cookie Monster Muffins

This weekend, we were invited to a 30th birthday surprise party. Well, „invited“ seems to be the wrong word, since the presentee didn’t know about the party. Hence, the buffet was organized by the guests, and everybody brought something.

For me, this was a perfect opportunity to try another recipe from my fun food books. This time, we made the cookie monster muffins, which are also on the book cover – for a reason.

The blue „fur“ consists of colored coconut flakes, which are glued to the muffins with colored sugar icing. The amount of sugar also adds a nice crust to the muffins, which are filled with chocolate chips and taste delicious.

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Desperate Housewife

Sometimes I can be a real great housewife. For example when I go to work in the morning, come home and feed my three month old while my boyfriend goes grocery shopping for me, I then bake three types of muffins, in the meantime go shopping again because something is missing, I then go to the gym, and afterwards make another tarte.

Yes, it was my birthday. 🙂

In the end, we had vegan chocolate cherry muffins, not-so-vegan berry crumble muffins, sugar and salt free apple banana oat muffins for my nine month old guest of honor, and a lemon tarte. And I fell into my bed like I was half dead. But then I could celebrate the next day with my guests and a lot of cake.

Happy birthday to me!

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Nutella Cheesecake

A few weeks ago, I got a message with a link to this video:

Well, today was the birthday of this message’s sender. So guess what I made for her.

The recipe uses cups, and so I could finally use my American measuring spoons for the first time. Though the recipe has also measurements in grams, I noticed that they sometimes differed notably from what I weighed. While the amount of cream was exactly what I measured, 2/3 cups of Nutella were 200 g for me, which is double the amount of the recipe!


I was surprised how easily the oreo cream could be removed. It even stayed completely in shape.

Since you cannot really buy heavy cream or vanilla extract in Germany, I used whipping crea and vanilla sugar. It seems to be a common problem with this recipe that the cream gets too liquid, so that the layers mix. According to the recipe, whipping cream should work as long as you whip it until it is creamy. However, for me this did not work out at all. In the beginning, the cream was nice and fluffy, but after adding sugar it got totally liquid.


So I tried two sachets of Sahnesteif, but unfortunately that did not help. In the end I decided to switch the brown and white layer, because the dark one is less liquid. This rescued the layer effect a little. The cake turned out to be a little too liquid in the middle, I should have baked it for a little longer. But it was delicious!

Happy birthday, N.!

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Frankfurter Kranz

Some of my friends seem to have a favorite cake. For someone like me, who loves everything that is sweet and has severe problems with decisions, this is a strange concept. But if there is something like a favorite cake and I happen to know it, I try to bake it for the birthday of the respective person.

So this January, I tried again to make a Frankfurter Kranz (Frankfurt crown cake, according to Leo). After the low fat version of last year (a very bad idea for butter cream), I did the full fat thing. Thanks to the silicone cake pan, the cake itself was fine, but I am not able to create a nicely shaped crown cake altogether. I also don’t know how to put the brittle on the cake neatly, and something in the cake turned liquid in the process. Anyways, I will have another try next year!

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Candy Mountain Candy Cake

Teaser: If you don’t know Charlie the unicorn, you should watch it now:

(I can generally advise everyone to have a look at Jason Steele’s videos.)

Anyways, I promised that I would make a candy mountain cake for a friend’s birthday. Since we were both on vacation on the day itself, I made the cake for my own birthday and we shared. So here it is, the candy mountain candy cake:

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For this cake, I used the „wonder recipe“ (in German). I prepared something in between 1.5 and 2 times the amount and baked one 26 cm cake and two smaller ones. The large one was cut in three layers and filled with lemon curd (I used this recipe, also in German, double amount), and I also used lemon curd between the smaller ones. Then I carved the candy mountain shape from the two small cakes. In the end, I used white ganache to cover the cake, and colored it pink for the candy mountain. With all the cooling times in between, it took three days of work, but it was worth it.

Belated happy birthday to A. and me 🙂

Lego Cake

I tried to make a lego cake for my nephew’s second birthday. On the inside, it is a German Baumkuchen, on the outside, it is marzipan colored with food coloring. The round nubs are marzipan-coated cookies.

First, I tried to use white fudge (remains of the wedding cake) as topping; but the color did not turn out well as you can see, and the consistency was quite nasty. Therefore, the green lego bar does not look too great.

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