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Carnival Hats

Only 10 more days until my daughter’s first carnival will start. Unfortunately, I cannot sew at all, but we could rely on her grandmother to make a costume. My task was to make the carnival hats.

One of the family’s children will be Yoda this year. I crocheted his hat loosely after the instructions from Nerdspirations (in German). For my little unicorn, I bought one of the great unicorn headbands from Graciosa, a very nice woman from Colombia. I know her shop for two years now, because I bought carnival headbands for myself from there. So I only had to knit a colorful hat and did not have to think about unicorn ears or a horn.

Now carnival can start – Alaaf!

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Children’s Beanie

I made this beanie for my nephew under the assumption that only children would be forced to wear self-crocheted clothing. Little did I know, for many of my grownup friends are asking me now to make beanies for them as well. Anyways, this was my first crocheting project. I used instructions and yarn from selfmade-boshi.

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