Rainbow PhD

All my friends are getting their PhD recently. Yesterday, I went to the fifth defense this year. Of course, I made my PhD cake again. This time, I decided to try a chocolate plate on top and a rainbow cake inside, covered with fondant.

For the chocolate plate, I went to three different stores here in Bonn, but could not find what I needed. You can buy chocolate bars and sculptures of all sort, but it seems that nobody in these stores is able to sell me a big, squared chocolate plate. Quite disappointed, I just decided to make it myself. I was afraid it would break, but it actually was quite easy and remained stable enough.

For the cake, I started with the recipe by Sallys Tortenwelt (in German). I can recommend her lemon cream and chocolate ganache, but I did not like her dough at all. It tasted kind of bitter, so I used more flour and sugar in my version. In the end, I could have used a little more lemon cream, but it still looked and tasted nice.

Congratulations, Dr. F.!

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