Pastel Baby Cake

Ever since I got the Sweetapolita bake book, I wanted to make one of the delicious sprinkly cakes out of it. I decided early for the pastel vanilla birthday cake. This cake is pastel pink and blue, so what better occasion could there be than a baby shower?

My friend will have a baby girl, so I switched the colors and made the cake pastel pink with a blue border. Also, I made the cake flour myself by this recipe and used whipping cream instead of heavy cream, as you cannot buy these ingredients here in Germany. For the coloring, I used Wilton’s red red and royal blue.

IMG_2460 IMG_2459 IMG_2463

I made the vanilla bakery frosting some days in advance and was really pleased with its consistency. It has a really nice and smooth texture. However, it is also really sweet, and by this I mean you can hear the sugar crunch between your teeth. The frosting is then put between four cake layers together with cookie dough pieces and sprinkles, creating a really high cake (the online recipe has three, but the book features a four-layer version).

IMG_2475 IMG_2473 IMG_2476

In the end, I even had to make more frosting – I guess I just used too much for the crumb coating, as I am lacking practice in the cake frosting department. Nevertheless, the cake looked nice in the end. Still, it was way too sugary for our taste – I like sweet stuff, but this was even too much for me. But for its great looks, I certainly will make this cake again, only with a few changes I already have in mind.

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